L-FRESH the LION (Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal) is an Australian hip-hop artist born and raised in Liverpool (south west of Sydney). His work is inspired by both his Sikh heritage and the 90s hip-hop soul sound. 
L-Fresh brags a unique vantage point in the Australian hip-hop scene, bridging between east and west. His tracks have something new for everyone as he fuses classical eastern instruments such as the tumbi or dhol with modern drum patterns. This combination itself is perhaps what has driven his impressive discography and career so far, with features from hip-hop greats such as KRS-One and cameos of Indian film industry stars like Abhay Deol.
L-Fresh was featured on the YouTube Creators for Change series in which he expands on his inspirations and passion for music. For L-Fresh, his passion for music is deeply intertwined with his heritage and culture. He is a member of the Sikh faith, the worlds fifth largest religion which was born out of what is Punjab (India and Pakistan) today. The spiritual roots of Sikhi are tied inextricably to music through Kirtan, which often uses classical Indian subcontinent instruments to narrate, recite, tell or describe a story or an idea. Hip hop on the other hand is composed of rhythmic, bass heavy beats with a deep connection to street culture. L-Fresh's aim is to combine these two unique sounds together in his music, and he has said this entire process helps him to explore his culture and heritage even further. Ultimately he is using music as a means to create, retain his culture and promote his heritage - all things that we wholeheartedly support here at Halkatt.

You can follow him on @lfreshthelion on Instagram. Be sure to follow him on Spotify to find his latest music, including his new album "South West".


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