Merriam-Webster, America's most trusted online dictionary, does not have a definition for HALKATT.

However, HALKATT is an informal insult originating from the Marathi word Halka and is used to describe someone worthless and without values or ambition. We chose the name ironically as we tell the stories of people who are doing the exact opposite. We show that in a generation accused of entitlement and whinging, there are individuals with stories worth telling, doing things worth doing and showcasing a culture worth promoting.

HALKATT is about telling stories. We have many wonderful people in our international community, with varying levels of fame, providing our generation an identity through art, music and memories. We want to celebrate these people and their accomplishments to not only tell their story, but inspire others to similarly start writing their own.Through the designs we make and the stories we tell we want to make us all collectively inspired and confident.

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